Cuppa Cha is located at North of the OSU campus. 

Bubble Tea or Boba are the best description for our store. 

Also, Tapioca Pearls is another name for this kind of drink.

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Cuppa means a cup of Tea; Cha defined as "Tea"

When Cuppa meets Cha, the quality and tasty blend together.

Enjoy your every sip!

About Cuppa Cha

Owner's bubble tea journey started 2019 and was established in 2022.

Our goal is to serve the highest quality Cha / Tea product to our lovely customers. 

Brown Sugar Milk Cha

Concord Grape Smoothie with Milk Cap

Green Grape Refreshing

Cherry Blossom Latte

Coconut Americano

Mango with Coconut Milk

Oreo Milkshake

Grapefruit Oolong Cha